Publication of research article is crucial for getting a fully-funded scholarship. Students can get scholarships in prestigious universities based on the publication of research article. But publication of research article is not an easy task. It requires hard work and dedication to come up with an original idea. Universities prefer those students for scholarships who demonstrate the potential to write well-research articles. Moreover, the published article adds value to the literature, and it should not be a replication of existing studies. This article will tell you how you can get a scholarship through publication of research article.

What Are The Steps To Getting A Scholarship Through The Publication Of Research Article?

Getting a scholarship through the publication of research article requires proper planning. You will have to work smartly to get a scholarship through publication of a research article. But the most important thing first is to publish an article. You can take the following steps:

Step 1: Discuss With Your Professor About The Publication Of Research Article

The first step is to discuss with your mentor at the university or one of those professors who actively publish. A professor who actively publishes will have the right connections you can utilise to publish a research article. Discuss with your professor what steps you can take to publish an article. Discussing with your professor will give you a rough idea of the gaps in your subject area.

Step 2: Select A Unique Topic For Your Research Article

The next step involved in the publication of research article is to identify a unique research topic. It is important to select a topic that addresses the contemporary problems and challenges in your field. So, choosing a unique research topic is the most crucial step in the publication of research article. You can do the following things to select a unique research topic:

Preliminary Research

You can do preliminary research online and search for the articles published in your subject area. Read the articles carefully and identify the ongoing debates in your field. Every published article has a separate section of recommendations and future research. Read that section carefully and identify the recommended domains that require further investigation. You will get a fair idea of the existing gap you can address through your research. In case of any issue, you can get best masters dissetation help from a good company.

Brainstorm Ideas

The next thing is to do some brainstorming. Brainstorming helps you organise your thoughts and structure them properly. Write down your thoughts and ideas based on your reading online in the preliminary research. Use map diagrams, tree diagrams, and hierarchical diagrams to narrow down your topic's focus. Let the thoughts flow freely and write down whatever comes to your mind. Once you put everything on paper, try to narrow down the topic and confine it to two or three major aspects. A topic that is too broad is impossible to research, and a narrow topic does not yield useful insights. So, it is important to take a balanced approach and confine your focus to those aspects of the topic that you can cover in your research article.

Step 3: Make A Proper Plan

The publication of research article depends upon a solid plan. So, once you select a unique topic that matches your interests, start making a plan. The first step is to devise a coherent research problem which is an arguable claim. Research questions follow the research problem. Make sure that your research questions are specific and straightforward. Quantitative research requires hypotheses that entail clearly specified research variables. You will have to select an appropriate research design for your research article.

A mixed-methods approach, on the other hand, adds more value to your research article because it synthesises qualitative and quantitative approaches. Use primary and secondary literature to analyse the research problem. Also, make an appropriate plan for data collection and devise verification methods for data validation. A theoretical framework also strengthens your research and aligns your research goals with the relevant theories. Make an outline and a timetable for completing your research article within a specified time.

Step 4: Writing Your Research Paper

Writing your research paper is the most crucial step for the publication of research paper. Once you make a plan, start writing your research. You can collect the data simultaneously through your chosen data collection methods. Make sure that you review the literature properly and engage with the sources critically. A literature review is not a summarization of research papers; rather, it is a critical discourse in which you identify the existing literature gaps. You will have to justify the rationale of your research and specify how your research will find the solutions to the current research problem.

Step 5: Publish In A Reputable Journal

Once you finish writing your research paper, the next thing involved in the publication of research article is to find a reputable journal. It is important to publish your paper in a peer-review journal to secure a fully funded scholarship. Peer-reviewed journals have strict quality assurance protocols, and a team of highly qualified researchers review articles' quality before publication.

So, make sure you read the guidelines of the journals properly and structure the initial manuscript accordingly. It is important to remember that you must stay away from predatory journals. Predatory journals ask you for a fee to publish, and your research never gets published. They publish it with their own name, and you lose all the credit. So, select those journals that have a good reputation. You can also ask your university professors to guide you about the best journals.

Step 6: Present Your Research Paper At A Conference

After publishing your research article, the next step is to present your research paper at a conference. Presenting your research paper at a conference helps you make connections and attract attention.

Step 7: Mention It In Your Application

You can secure a good scholarship by publishing a research article and mentioning it in your resume. Make sure that you mention the publication in your research article and, if asked, summarise the contents of your research article.


Publication of research articles has an important role to play in securing a fully-funded scholarship. You must write a well-researched article and publish it in a prestigious journal. Presenting your paper at international conferences also adds value to your resume. Funding agencies highly value those students who have an aptitude for research and can contribute value to the academic field.